There are many nice things to see and do in Småland

There are both glass empire, Astrid Lindgren´s

world and many more things to see.


I have gathered some links here that you can click

further on to see what´s near our cottage in Kätabo.


If you like shopping you can´t leave without a

visit to Ullared. Here is all you´re willing to buy

If you want to play cowboy suit so there are bound to make a visit to the High Chaparall; here you go by the train where you surely will be robbed, you are visiting Mexico and a lot of wonderful places.

If you like to canoe you have to take you to Fegens society and you´ll find canoes in which you paddle in the lake Fegen.

If you are walking there is a nice hiking trail called Knavraboleden and you´ll find it about 5 km from Kätabo.

If you have an interest in golf, there Isaberg golf course about 4 mile from the cottage, and there you also go skiing in the winter.

You have not far to the west coast if you want to swim in the sea.

About 2 hours away, you have Liseberg which is always a pleasant excursion.

But the best time have you out the door in Kätabo, eith wonderful nature, where you can be lucky to find both the mushrooms and berries, and close to Lake Fegen where the fish and the boat is waiting for you. You go out and eat your breakfast under the oak and hear the birds chirp and you will be in a brilliant mood. Have you even turn it up a deer in the evening on the meadow outside. You are close to wildlife, and what better can it be?